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Personal Training in Catasauqua

Personal Trainers has female and male personal trainers to work with you in the comfort of your home. All workout equipment is provided for safe and effective workouts. Get in the best shape of your life with a Catasauqua Personal Trainer.

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Personal Trainers in Catasauqua

Personal Trainer Dawn

Personal Training In: Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, Catasauqua, Lehigh Valley ,PA

Personal Trainer Dawn has devoted her life to spreading good health and well-being.  Her background started in 1982 with Physical Therapy specializing in back, knee, ankle and pregnancy programs.  In addition, she has been a successful Personal Fitness Trainer for over 20 years. 

She is also a Nutritionist and Fitness Analyst.  Dawn has worked with people of all fitness levels, from the very beginners up to Olympic athletes and professional body builders.  Dawn is certified in 5 different styles of Massage Therapy including Pet Massage Therapy.  She is now involved in Electro Physiological Biofeedback, which is another modality, applied to reach ultimate health and fitness goals. 

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Personal Trainer Conrad

Personal Training In: Lehigh Valley, Allentown, Bath, Bethlehem, Bethlehem Township, Bucks County, Catasauqua, Center Valley, Coopersburg, Dorneyville, Easton, Egypt, Emmaus, Fogelsville, Forks Township, Hanover Township, Hellertown, Macungie, Nazareth, Northampton, Orefield, Palmer  Quakertown, Saucon Valley ,Salisbury, Trexlertown, Walnutport, Wescosville, Whitehall, Williams, Pennsylvania (PA)


Hi my names Conrad I am a Personal Trainer in the local area around the Lehigh Valley here in Pennsylvania. I've been doing research about Fitness and Exercise since I was 15 years of age. Personal Training others since I was 20. Making someone change the way they think about them selves is simply an amazing gift. Changing they way someone represents themselves is even a better one.
When doing general fitness training I primarily do circuit training as it keeps the heart rate up the whole time as well as burns alot more body fat plus you get your cardio in while weight training.
I do all different types of training but what I specialize in is athletic training. sports specific. Improving athletic performance is what I know best, but I'm also very good at general fitness training, power lifting, Olympic lifting etc. You name it I've done some form of it in my life.
If your looking to get in the best shape of your life along with look the best you ever have in your life then look no further. I will turn your Fitness dreams into a reality.
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